Blu-ray Review: Violence in a Women’s Prison

Violence in a Women’s Prison (aka Caged Women and Emanuelle in Prison) was directed by Bruno Mattei from a screenplay by Olivier Lefait and Ambrogio Molteni and stars Laura Gemser as Emanuelle, with Gabriele Tinti, Lorraine De Selle and Franca Stoppi also starring.

In an over-the-top career filled with cannibals, zombies, nuns and Nazis, only EuroSleaze maestro Bruno Mattei (THE OTHER HELL, SHOCKING DARK) – along with frequent collaborators/co-writers Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi (TROLL 2, ZOMBIE 3 and 4)  – could take the BLACK EMANUELLE series to such insane depths of depravity: When Emanuelle (the legendary Laura Gemser) goes undercover in a penitentiary, she will endure a nightmare of sadistic guards, voracious lesbians, rat attacks, feces fights and enough graphic mayhem for a dozen women-in-prison trash epics. Gabriele Tinti (EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS), Lorraine De Selle (CANNIBAL FEROX) and Franca Stoppi (BEYOND THE DARKNESS) co-star in this “classic of exploitation” (Yell Magazine) – also known as CAGED WOMEN and EMANUELLE IN PRISON – now featuring a 2k scan from an uncensored inter-positive.

Violence in a Women’s Prison (1982) follows Emanuelle, the beautiful investigative reporter who goes under cover and enters a women’s prison to expose the corrupted officials and their brutal abuse of the prisoners behind bars. It doesn’t take long for the brave reporter (who is posing as Laura Kendall) to get in way over her head once she begins causing trouble for some of the wrong people inside.

Emanuelle ends up getting put through all kinds of inhumane torture and painful punishment (let’s not talk about the terrifying rat scene) but somehow she manages to live through it all with a little help from a friend she makes during her stay – along with a few inpromptu sex scenes. Hey, I’ve noticed you gotta have lots of those in these movies! Anyway, Emanuelle defies death to the very end and ultimately exposes this group of corrupt officials that have been running this violent penitentiary.

The front of the packaging features the artwork you see at the top of the page and the back includes movie details, some images and list of special features. The reverse sleeve features some alternate artwork so you have your pick of which side you’d like to use as the front cover. You can see it down below. This Severin release comes in a black keepcase which helps it stand out from the others. The Blu-ray disc also features some matching artwork. Inserting the disc, the menu screen was simple and easy to navigate. The film has been given a brand new 2K scan by Severin Films from an uncensored inter-positive.. The picture and sound quality for this high-definition upgrade were really good. I didn’t have any issues with the video and audio for this Blu-ray release.

Bottom line is, Violence in a Women’s Prison was another first time watch for me and my second of these Black Emanuelle movies. This 1982 Emanuelle sexploitation incarceration flick ended up being a gritty grindhouse watch that featured a few elements of horror but not as much as Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals did. There have been a number of women’s prison movies over the years but I’ve only witnessed a few of them and I’m enjoying the ride so far. Italian sleeze maistro Bruno Mattei helmed this movie that features a lot of violence mixed with soft porn that takes place within the walls of this dirty prison that’s run by some corrupted officials. These people eventually get what they deserve but it takes Emanuelle putting her life on the line to expose the low life dirt bags. All in all, I’d put this one right there with the Last Cannibals movie even though I think I liked it just a little more than this one simply because of the insane amounts of old school blood and gore it had. One thing is for sure, it’s not going to be for the easily offended! Violence in a Women’s Prison will be available on Blu-ray in the U.S. on May 8th and Severin is also offering a Limited Edition release that comes with a slipcover along with a few extras.

Distributor: Severin Films

Run Time: 99 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Blu-ray Video: 1080p High-Definition (1.85:1) / Region A

Blu-ray Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 (2.0 in some players)

Subtitles: English

Special Features: The extras include two interviews and a vintage radio spot.

  • Brawl In Women’s Block: Interview With Co-Director/Co-Writer Claudio Fragasso and Co-Writer Rossella Drudi (29:03)
  • Archive Interview With Director Bruno Mattei (02:47)
  • Radio Spot (00:31)


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