THE HUNTER’S PRAYER is based on the novel “For the Dogs” by Kevin Wignall. The movie was directed by Jonathan Mostow from a screenplay by John Brancato and Michael Ferris and stars Sam Worthington, Odeya Rush, Allen Leech, Amy Landecker, Verónica Echegui and Martin Compston.

Sam Worthington stars as a deadly assassin assigned to kill a young woman named Ella. When his conscience gets the best of him, he defies orders and instead protects Ella. Together they must escape the formidable enemies who are determined to kill them both at all costs. A solitary assassin (Sam Worthington) is hired to murder a teenaged girl (Odeya Rush). When he can’t bring himself to do it, both are marked for death. The pair form an uneasy alliance and flee across Europe, hunted by powerful forces who will stop at nothing to kill them both.

The Hunter’s Prayer follows Lucas, an assassin who gets hired to kill this young woman but he has a change of heart which puts a target on his back as well. The two of them elude other assassination attempts during their European adventure that starts off in Switzerland and ends up in the UK.  Along the way, Ella discovers that her protector is a junkie and she ends up helping him kick his dirty habit and it allows him to regain his focus and drive. The two get separated and Ella ends up being captured by the wealthy business mogul who wants to take her out and keep her fortune for himself. Yeah, she’s rich and he wants her money! So, Lucas goes straight to his former employer and takes out his goons one by one like a terminator where he ultimately saves the girl and gets some sweet ass revenge in the process.

Jonathan Mostow is known for directing movies like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, U-571 and Surrogates and even though The Hunter’s Prayer didn’t get a wide theatrical release like the others that doesn’t mean it’s not as good – because it is. This movie is also a passion project for Sam Worthington and it’s evident that he put his all into making this exciting action-thriller. He’s the star and one of the producers. Odeya Rush plays the damsel in distress and she delivered an amazing and emotional performance as this young girl on the run. Keep your eye on her because she’s the next big thing! There’s also some impressive action scenes and bullets flying that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until the final moments of the movie. This is a well crafted action-thriller and it’s one of the best ones to come along in a while.

The packaging comes with a slipcover. The front features the artwork you see at the top of the page and the back includes movie details, some images and list of special features. The Blu-ray disc also features matching artwork. Inserting the disc, the menu screen was simple and easy to navigate. The picture and sound quality for this high-definition release were crisp and clear. I didn’t have any issues with the video and audio.

Bottom line is, The Hunter’s Prayer ended up being a really intense watch and so much better than what some those “professional critics” out there have been saying about it. They pretty much hate on everything because they think it’s the hipster thing to, so don’t pay any attention to them. Instead, give it a try and judge it for yourself. The story did feel a little familiar because we’ve gotten several movies similar to this where a rogue ends up saving the damsel in distress and it rehabilitates him in the process. Still, the story was interesting enough and I really enjoyed following the two main characters played by Sam Worthington and Odeya Rush. Both actors put their everything into these characters and the proof is in this fast-paced rollercoaster ride. I’ve enjoyed the movies that Jonathan Mostow has cranked out over the years and to me The Hunter’s Prayer is one of his better outings. It might not be as popular or get as much praise as some of his other movies but it is a darn good action-thriller. The Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) releases on August 8th and is worth checking out.

Distributor: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Run Time: 91 Minutes

Rated: R

Blu-ray Video: 1080p High-Definition 16×9 Widescreen (2.39:1)

Blu-ray Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles: English SDH and Spanish

Special Features: The extras include three behind-the-scenes featurettes that take an in-depth look at the making of the film and a digital copy of the movie.

  • “The Cost of Killing: Making The Hunter’s Prayer” Featurette (11:08)
  • “The World of The Hunter” Featurette (04:26)
  • “Creating The Driving Force” Featurette (03:37)
  • Digital HD Copy


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