I had already heard good things about Steven C. Miller‘s THE AGGRESSION SCALE and checking it out on Blu-ray proved that the action-thriller simply kicks ass!

The Aggression Scale is a home invasion flick that follows a family that moves into their nice new home. The movie also follows a newly released mob boss (Ray Wise) who is looking for some missing money.  He sends his goons out to track down the loot and guess where they end up!

The hit men (Derrek Mears, Dana Ashbrooke) force their way in the home and immediately show some brutal and bloody force on the unsuspecting new residents but they didn’t expect to run into the troubled son Owen (Ryan Hartwig) who has a past of violent behavior. Owen is a mixture of MacGyver, Rambo and the kid from Home Alone, all rolled into one plus he has no limits and even Rambo had his limitations.  The very quiet Owen, along with his step-sister run for their lives and along the way Owen makes up traps out of just about anything and leaves them for his “victims”, I mean the bad guys. It’s almost like he is in his element with these bad guys trying to catch them and it looks like he’s having fun with them at times, like he’s really enjoying torturing the bad guys! Check out the definition below, this is what the movie is all about!

“The Aggression Scale: The frequency of overt aggressive behaviors in children that may result in physical or psychological injury to others.”

Miller proves once again he’s a director we all need to be keeping an eye on! He knows how to tell a story and the amazing small cast help bring it to life. Ray Wise always makes such a great bad guy! The movie has a few twists that help reveal more of what’s going on and why all of this is happening. The money does come into play in the movie so don’t forget about that! For a home invasion/survival movie it has everything you want and more. Breaking and entering, the big bad guy, the innocent victims and not so innocent victims, the chase and plenty of blood, oh yeah we have that too! The Aggression Scale is easily my favorite new dark action flick and I see the title “cult classic” being used for this violent and special little movie!

Bottom line is I freaking loved The Aggression Scale! Definitely pick this Blu-ray up when it releases on May 29th.

Studio: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 85 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: Needed more!

  • “The Making Of The Aggression Scale” Featurette


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