Blu-ray Review: Seeking Justice

Watching the new Nicolas Cage action-thriller SEEKING JUSTICE on this Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack was a really cool ride! 

The movie follows a normal, happily married couple who experience something traumatic that leaves their relationship changed and scarred forever. What happens is Laura (January Jones) is brutally attacked and raped by a thug and while she’s hospitalized her husband Will (Cage) is approached by a mysterious guy named Simon (Guy Pearce) who offers Will a deal that he can’t refuse during the heat of the moment. Simon offers to track down the guy who attacked his wife and take care of business and all Will has to do is owe him one small favor sometime in the future.  Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? There’s way more to it than this though!

Business is taken care of but things begin to quickly unravel when Simon asks Will to repay the favor by taking someone out, just like he did for him. Will quickly learns he’s in over his head and begins to unravel the mystery behind Simon and this “organization” he’s in. It’s almost like a brotherhood that once you’re in, there’s really no way to get out, or they’ll simply kill you with the help of their latest recruits. It’s like a chain or pyramid scheme except with people.

Ultimately Will and Simon come to a final confrontation that corrects some of the mistakes and decisions Will made while seeking out justice for his wife. The ending also shows Will that he may never be completely free from this “organization” even though he does cut his ties with Simon.

Ok, Seeking Justice is one of those thrillers that includes a cool and gritty story with a really strong cast. Possibly the only flaw or unbelievable thing about the movie is Cage being married to the hottie Jones.  There aren’t any slow moments in the movie at all and there are some action scenes that adrenaline junkies will love and appreciate. I also have to give props to director Roger Donaldson for putting together such a cool action-thriller. We just don’t get enough of these kind of movies right now and this one really delivers!

Bottom line is Seeking Justice is a really neat and smart thriller, full of action and includes some twists until the very end. This Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack comes highly recommended for people who are craving a new thriller with plenty of action! Seeking Justice releases on June 19th.

Studio: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 105 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: Not enough!

  • Seeking Justice” Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
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