Blu-ray Review: ‘SAFE’ Starring Jason Statham Kicks All Kinds Of Ass – Literally!

I’ts been about a decade since I’ve seen Jason Statham kick some major ass but he returns to his old school martial arts badass style in SAFE.  Wow, this Blu-ray+Digital Copy+Ultraviolet was a complete battle royale full of brutal, non stop action and a few surprises!

SAFE follows Luke Wright (Statham), a second-rate mixed martial arts cage fighter who ends up throwing a fight and that starts some bad mojo with the Russian Mafia who decides to make an example of him to prevent this from happening again and murders his family. Wright hits a low in his life and becomes homeless and uncaring because of his losses until he meets young Mei (Catherine Chan), an orphaned and very frightened 12-year-old Chinese girl with some big secrets. The young girl has been used by the Triads as a counter and she holds the key to a numerical code that could destroy the Triads, the mob and corrupt cops within the NYPD. After discovering that the same gangsters who killed his family are pursuing her, Wright takes matters into his own hands to protect the innocent girl and seek revenge.

The chemistry between Statham and Chan is really great. His character looks after her like a father figure. We know his character is having a hard time going on because of all the guilt he carries around with him and it’s kind of like young Mei gives him a new meaning to go on and to care again. He becomes very protective over her and this is where things get fun, watching Statham go all old school on the bad guys! Director Boaz Yakin captures everything that makes this movie freaking awesome to watch! Great story, great camera work, great characters and lots of fantastic action scenes! SAFE might just be my favorite new Statham flick!

The supporting cast are all amazing and strong characters in their own right. Robert John Burke, James Hong. Anson Mount  and Chris Sarandon all put on a great show for the camera! I really enjoyed seeing Sarandon do his thing once again! The action is so freaking awesome! Martial arts in play and relentless gun fire throughout the entire movie! So much good stuff here!

Bottom line is, this SAFE [Blu-ray + Digital Copy] was lots of action packed fun and it was cool watching Statham back in rare form! SAFE releases on Tuesday, September 4th.

Studio: Lionsgate

Run Time: 95 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: Good Stuff!

  •  Audio commentary with Writer/Director Boaz Yakin
  • “Cracking Safe” featurette
  • “Criminal Battleground” featurette
  • “The Art of the Gunfight” featurette
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  1. Nosgoth1979 says:

    I missed ‘Safe’ in the theater. Although I always enjoy Jason Statham movies (‘In the Name of the King’ notwithstanding), they don’t rank very high on my priorities list. But one of my coworkers at Dish told me this was his best movie in a while, and after reading your review, I’m fairly excited to see it. I’m going to put it in my Blockbuster @Home queue now. I used to buy a lot of movies but that got too expensive, and I always forgot to return the discs I got from those kiosks (which adds up real quick), so I definitely prefer a pay-by-the-month service.

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