Movie Review: REPLICAS (Blu-ray Combo Pack)

Keanu Reeves stars in and co-produces REPLICAS from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. The mind-bending film also stars Alice Eve, Thomas Middleditch, Emily Alyn Lind, Emjay Anthony and John Ortiz. The movie was directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff from a screenplay by Chad St. John that was based on a story by Stephen Hamel.

In this suspenseful sci-fi thriller, Keanu Reeves stars as William Foster, a neuroscientist on the verge of transferring human consciousness into a computer when his beloved wife (Alice Eve) and children are tragically killed in a car crash. Desperate to resurrect his family, William recruits a fellow scientist (Thomas Middleditch) to help secretly clone their bodies and create replicas. When William learns that he can only replicate three of the four family members, he makes a decision with fateful consequences.

Replicas follows William Foster (Keanu Reeves), a neuroscientist who loses his wife Mona (Alice Eve) and their three children; Sophie, Matt, and Zoe, in a tragic car accident. The heartbroken William has been working on transfering the mind of humans to androids were he works at Bionyne so he decides to bring them back as Replicas. He recruits the help of his collegue Ed Whittle (Thomas Middleditch) to help him get the equipment he needs to pull this off and ultimately does. Unfortunately, William isn’t able to bring back all four family members so he has to make the tough decision of who gets a second life.

William is able to bring back Mona and two of their children but he eventually has to make a confession to his wife because she’s able to sense that something is off. There are consequences to what William has achieved. What happens is, Jones (John Ortiz), William’s boss at Bionyne, has been aware of the entire operation and decides it’s time to pull the plug but William goes on the defensive and tries to save his family from the sinister corporate executive who’s now claiming his family as Bionyne property. William has already risked everything to bring his family back and he’s willing to do anything to save them from the sinister figure who has his own ulterior motives. The thing is, William has an ace up his sleeve and in the end he’s able to outsmart Jones and his goons so he and his family can escape and have a fresh new beginning.

The packaging comes with a slipcover/o-card. The front features the artwork you see at the top of the page and the back includes movie details, an image and list of special features. Each disc features its own individual artwork similar to the front cover. Inserting the disc, the menu screen was simple and easy to navigate. The picture and sound quality for this high-definition release were crisp and clear. I didn’t have any issues with the video and audio.

Bottom line is, Replicas ended up being a well-crafted sci-fi thriller with a small sense of humor that gives the Frankenstein story a modern day twist with a high-tech upgrade. The interesting story was thought-provoking and I thought the cast did a great job with their characters. This is another first for Keanu Reeves as he plays this brilliant scientist who loses his family and out of heartbreak he finds a way to bring them back. I know, it sounds far-fetched with Keanu Reeves playing this smart guy but he delivers a really good performance as this man who risks everything to get his family back. John Ortiz also does a great job as the antagonist of the story because you can tell this guy is up to no good from the very beginning. I thought what little special effects (practical and visual) used looked good considering this sci-fi thriller didn’t have big studio bucks to blow but they did the job good enough to sell the goods. I think director Jeffrey Nachmanoff delivered an edge of your seat sci-fi thriller with a modern day Frankenstein twist that’s worth checking out. Replicas is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital) so go ahead and put this one on your watch list.

Distributor: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Run Time: 107 Minutes

Rated: PG-13

Blu-ray Video: 1080p High-Definition 16×9 Widescreen (2.40:1)

Blu-ray Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles: English

Special Features: The extras include some audio commentary, a making of featurette, two deleted scenes and a digtial copy of the movie.

  • Audio Commentary with Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Executive Producer James Dodson
  • “Imprint Complete: The Making of Replicas” Featurette (25:45)
  • Deleted Scenes (08:12)
  • Digital Copy
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