My Week with Marilyn is based on the true story by Colin Clark and his brief encounter with the iconic and beautiful, Marilyn Monroe.

The film shows a week where he was able to meet and work with Marilyn and like many others was instantly gravitated towards her. Of course, there was much more there than a dazzling actress. Colin gets closer to Marilyn as the week goes on, the woman behind the fame and glamour. It may seem like she had it all, but she was struggling every step of the way, tore in to pieces by fame and expectations, and even more so by an overwhelming and never fully satisfied need to be loved unconditionally. Colin puts everything on the line to be there for her. He falls in love with Marilyn along the way, but even a broken heart isn’t enough for him to stop believing or fighting for her.

There is no getting around it what really makes this film something special is Michelle Williams’ outstanding performance as Marilyn Monroe. She is Marilyn; she makes the film all that it is. Williams deserves great recognition for this performance, it serves as a testament to her immense charm and acting abilities. Any time an actor has to portray an actual person it is never an easy task, but someone as prolific as Marilyn Monroe with as many unique aspects that must be brought out in a certain poetic balance to bring full realization is a near impossible task. Williams does the impossible and she does it so effortlessly, bringing beauty, intrigue, and tragedy.

The acting across the board was incredible. Eddie Redmayne as Colin is likable and has a great carefree spark. He is young, determined, and willing to do whatever it takes. This begins with his career in film and getting in to the industry, but ends up ringing true with hisrelationship with Marilyn and to an extent how his life view changes. He shows the perfect balance of a kindred spirit, determination, and showing a certain humanity that wins out in the end.

There are a number of great depictions including Kenneth Branagh as Sir Laurence Olivier and Dougray Scott as Arthur Miller. Emma Watson makes a small featured appearance as Lucy, one of the costuming crew members on set. She is captivating as usual as Lucy, someone who is initially on guard towards Colin and let’s her guard down after he peruses her. It’s always good to see her in anything she does and I’m happy to see her talents outside of the Harry Potter world. Her capabilities are sure to be much longer lasting than one series. Watson has already proven this with outside films she has done such as the BBC film, Ballet Shoes, and animated adventure, The Tale of Despereaux. I look forward to a number of compelling projects she has in the works as well.

I definitely admire the mixture of passion and realism that My Week with Marilyn holds. There are harsh realities and a coldness to the business shown and what it can do to a person. Still, there is never the sentiment that it isn’t worth it in the end. At one point Marilyn makes a comment that she doesn’t think she could give it up, it’s a part of her; a sign of a true performer. Through both the writing and acting, especially revolving around Colin, it’s clear the amount of love and inspiration that films had on him growing up. It’s that need to make this his life that pushes him every step of the way, regardless of everything that is against him. This is something every film lover can relate to and quite frankly anyone who ever wanted something that might not make sense to other people and is surely not the easy or logical thing to go after in life. That undying passion or driving force and how it was portrayed immediately sucked me in and allowed me to admire Colin and view things from his perspective. He came in to things for the right reasons and found a brief, but no less influential relationship that had a major impact on his life.

Starring: Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Eddie Redmayne, Judi Dench, Emma Watson
Directed By: Simon Curtis
Written By: Adrian Hodges, Colin Clark (books)


Review By: Kelsey Z.

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Title: My Week With Marilyn

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