KILLING GUNTHER was written and directed by Taran Killam and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, Hannah Simone, Ryan Gaul, Allison Tolman, Amir Talai, Aaron Yoo, Peter Kelamis and Cobie Smulders.

The hilarious adventure follows Gunther, the most infamous hit man of all time, as he seeks revenge on a dysfunctional group of assassins who are comically attempting to kill him to advance their careers. Killing Gunther is a comedy set in the world of contract killers. A group of young, raw, and undisciplined assassins hire a docu-crew at gunpoint to have undeniable proof that they’re the ones who will kill the most infamous hit man of all time, Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger). But Gunther is on to them before they know it and makes their lives a living hell, turning the hunters into the prey in a kill-or-be-killed race against time.

Killing Gunther follows Blake (Taran Killam), an assassin who recruits an international group of assassins to help him kill Gunther, the greatest hit man of all time. As the team assembles, what the viewer quickly learns is that this isn’t an elite team of assassins at all but a group of idiotic goofball clowns hired to take down this elusive master assassin. What they learn first hand is that Gunther is always one step ahead of them and he always has the upper hand. If they’re not accidentally killing themselves, Gunther is taking them out one by one until it comes to the showdown with Blake and of course it doesn’t go like he would have liked it to go. In the end, Gunther proves why he is still the best at his trade and why he’s the last man standing. The best thing about it is that this documentary crew gets some great footage of the silly insanity.

The packaging comes with a slipcover/o-card. The front features the artwork you see at the top of the page and the back includes movie details, some images and list of special features. The Blu-ray disc also features some matching artwork. Inserting the disc, the menu screen was simple and easy to navigate. The picture and sound quality for this high-definition release were crisp and clear. I didn’t have any issues with the video and audio.

Bottom line is, Killing Gunther plays like a giant SNL skit with a cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s stupid funny and I kinda liked it. The story was fun and the talented international cast did a really good job with their characters. It was this goofy group of assassins that was the driving force of the movie because their target wasn’t fully introduced until the final act. Schwarzenegger doesn’t have a lot of screen time but he’s fun to watch when he does show up. Instead, we get to watch this bumbling group of assassins come together and as we get to know them, they also get taken out by their enemy who keeps his distance until the final act. There’s a lot of cheesy humor that goes along with the story as well as a few explosive stunts and together they make for a flawed but entertaining action-comedy. For this to be Taran Killam’s directorial debut, I thought he did a good job with it, plus he had a lot of help from this cast that included his wife Cobie Smulders. Also, be sure you watch through the credits because if you’ve ever wondered what Arnie sounds like singing country-western music here’s your chance! Killing Gunther will be available on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) on December 26th and is worth checking out.

Distributor: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Run Time: 93 Minutes

Rated: R

Blu-ray Video: 1080p High-Definition 16×9 Widescreen (1.85:1)

Blu-ray Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles: Spanish

Special Features: The extras include a hilarious blooper reel, two deleted scenes and a digital copy of the movie.

  • Blooper Reel (05:49)
  • Deleted Scenes
  1. Overly Protective Father (01:23)
  2. Hitbook: The Official Hitman’s Social Networking Site (00:48)
  • Digital HD Copy

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