Blu-ray Review: DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS (Collector’s Edition)


In this direct sequel to Hammer’s Dracula (1958), Christopher Lee returns for more blood as he encounters a group of stranded English tourists who are holidaying in the Carpathian Mountains. Despite receiving several warnings by the unconventional Father Sandor (Andrew Keir) along their travels to stay as far away from the Count’s castle as they can, the group end up stranded there where their host is set to be resurrected upon their arrival. Will the travelers survive their fateful meeting with Dracula: Prince of Darkness?

DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS is directed by Terence Fisher and stars the iconic Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley and Andrew Keir.

The movie immediately begins after the events of the first movie and quickly catches the viewer up to the events that took place and where we last left Dracula. The movie quickly introduces these tourists who go against the father’s warning and they end up at the castle and no time is wasted resurrecting the Prince of Darkness, thanks to his trusty assistant. Dracula then sets his bloodshot eyes on his new victims and begins his new path of blood thirst as if he’s out for revenge. As the tourists numbers quickly subtract until there’s just a few left that leads to a final showdown and of course there’s a female involved who Dracula has special plans for but this is where the father returns to help battle it out with the Prince of Darkness in an epic showdown.

I absolutely enjoyed the dark, moody setting and location of this old movie and I don’t think we get enough of that with today’s horror offerings. Hammer knew how to make a horror movie, that’s for sure and when you add Christopher Lee’s presence it’s like a home run for horror fans every time and with Dracula: Prince of Darkness, it’s just something special and that’s why this is a timeless classic.  Now, getting to the transfer to high-def, well all I can say it was like watching a new movie with the audio sounding clear and the video looking crisp and that’s how it should be for a classic like this. Fans will absolutely enjoy this old Hammer classic in high-def!

As many Dracula movies that we have gotten over the years, no actor has been able to deliver a dark, menacing presence like Christopher Lee so naturally did for this iconic character. To me, Lee is the ultimate Dracula; for example, he hardly ever says a word, it’s the look he has in his eyes that do all the talking and it’s really creepy sometimes, especially when the whites of his eyes turn red. Christopher Lee will always and forever be the ultimate Dracula!

The Collector’s Edition packaging comes with a nice slip cover featuring Dracula and that infamous stare of his on the front and the back includes movie details, some images and special features listing. There’s also a little something extra included on the inside as you’ll see below.

Bottom line is, getting the Hammer classic Dracula: Prince of Darkness on Blu-ray for the first time here in the U.S. is like getting an early Christmas present for horror fans. This Collector’s Edition Blu-ray releases on September 17th and is a must have for any Hammer fan, any horror fan, any Dracula fan and especially any Christoper Lee fan!

Distributor: Millennium Entertainment

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Special Features: I’m a fan who loves special features, the more I got, the better!  This Collector’s Edition is packed full of some cool stuff but to me the standouts are the commentary from these iconic actors, the restoration comparison and the cool collectible cards that comes sealed in a really nice envelope – These are really nice!

  • Audio commentary with Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley, Suzan Farmer and Francis Matthews
  • Exclusive still gallery (NEVER BEFORE RELEASED!)
  • Restored original trailer
  • Dracula: Prince of Darkness restoration comparison
  • Super 8MM behind-the-scenes footage
  • Brand new documentary- “Back to Black”
  • World of Hammer Episode: “Hammer Stars: Christopher Lee”
  • Printed Memorabilia perfect for every classic Hammer fan out there
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