Blanc/Biehn Productions’ Hidden in the Woods, The Girl and Altered Perception Get Distribution Deals

We’ve been following Blanc/Biehn Productions, the indie studio founded by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and husband/partner Michael Biehn, from the very beginning and we have some good news that three of their films have been picked up for distribution. Head inside for more!


The acting-producing-directing duo’s long-awaited Hidden in the Woods remake of the Spanish-language thriller is slated for a U.S. release through Origin Releasing/E One at the end of 2016.

The remake was directed by Patricio Valladares (who also directed by the original) and the American screenplay adapted by Kevin and Bradley Marcus, the tense thriller stars Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, William Forsythe, Jeannine Kaspar, Electra Avellan, Chris Browning, Ricco Ross,Andy Mackenzie, Richard Gunn, Caitlin Keats, Grace Powell Mark Gantt, Cody Hackman, Nick Bateman, Krzysztof Soszynski and many more favorites.

Fx by Vincent Guastini

Foreign reps WTF FILMS

Produced by Cody Hackman , Hallie Jordan , Loris Curci along with Blanc Biehn.


The Girl (aka Psychopath in the UK) has been acquired by IndustryWorks Pictures/Origin Releasing and Safecracker Films, and is set for release later this year. The Blanc-Biehn-directed thriller – written by Bradley and Kevin Marcus, executive produced and based on a story by executive producer Lony Ruhmann – stars Michael Biehn, Tia Carrere, Evie Louise Thompson, Tristan De Van, Lorraine Ziff, Hallie Jordan and Nick Nicholson.

altered perception poster

IndustryWorks Pictures has also secured Blanc-Biehn Productions’ Altered Perception, directed by Kate Reese Davies, written by Travis Romero (Treachery), starring Castle’s Jon Huerta and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, with Matthew Ziff, Hallie Jordan, Jade Tailor, Emrhys Cooper, Mark Burnham, Rico Simonini, Larry Wade Carrell and Jenise Blanc.

Blanc-Biehn Productions’ distribution deals have given Biehn and Blanc-Biehn the opportunity to boost their movies’ international viewing audience – and the company’s public profile – as they continue to create quality horror, sci-fi and action films that tell compelling, emotional stories.


Blanc/Biehn Productions (BBP) is the partnership of married actors Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, merging their passions for acting and filmmaking into a full-service production company that caters to their diverse tastes in movies. The duo produced and starred together in Biehn’s directorial debut, THE VICTIM, a grindhouse film featuring scream queen Danielle Harris; recently finished post-production on TREACHERY and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn’s directorial debut THE NIGHT VISITOR and HIDDEN IN THE WOODS remake and THE GIRL, starring Biehn and Tia Carrere. Films also include ALTERED PERCEPTION, SHE RISES, THE NIGHT VISITOR 2,, PYSCHOPHONIA, and FEMBOT. THE LINCOLN. GOOD FAMILY TIMES. For more information on upcoming BBP films, go to
and see news and updates.

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