‘BILL AND TED 3’ Get A Most Excellent Director!

Station!!!  Good news everyone! Today we can proudly and most excellently say that the third Bill and Ted film aka BILL AND  TED 3 has recruited Dean Parisot to direct the third entry. Parisot directed the awesome Galaxy Quest, Fun with Dick and Jane and is currently finishing up on Red 2.

This third and long overdue entry will find Reeve’s Ted Theodore Logan and Winters’ Bill S. Preston, Esq. in current day to see what they’ve been up to decades after their earlier adventures. i wonder if they’re band, “Wild Stallyns” ever made it big?

Bill & Ted creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson plan to make this movie a lower budget studio. The first movie made $40.5 million at the box office with the sequel drawing in a little less. Personally, I think this one, in this day and age will make that in the first week (if the story is good)


Source: Vulture

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