Berlin 2019: Trailer Debut For AMI Teases A New Psycho-Tech Nightmare

Industry Works is handling international sales for the psycho-thriller AMI at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. Head inside to watch the official trailer!

Written and directed by up-and-comer Rusty Nixon. The film stars Debs Howard (iZombie, TV’s “The Good Doctor”), Sam Robert Muik (CW’s “Riverdale”), Phil Granger (Syfy’s “Ghost Wars”), Havana Guppy (Hulu’s “Shut Eye”) and Bonnie Hay (TV’s “A Million Little Things”) as the sinister “AMI.”

“With A.I. becoming synonymous with our daily lives, no one knows us better than our devices. We were inspired to create a story of the ramifications surrounding our vulnerability to technology,” said Evan Tylor and James Clayton.

Young Cassie comes across a discarded cell phone with the latest artificial intelligence on it called AMI.  Cassie customizes the AI to sound like her deceased mother which soon fulfills the void in Cassie’s life.  As their relationship deepens, the nurturing and seemingly caring AI drives Cassie to perform heinous acts of murder that AMI convinces her are totally justifiable.

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