Awesome Fan Made Poster For ‘PHANTASM V’

All of us fans would LOVE to see another Phantasm movie but I honestly think that may never happen…..or it would have by now!  Writer/Director Don Coscarelli is busy cranking out cool new films like John Dies at the End and the upcoming Bubba Nosferatu that still has no release date but one can only hope one day he’ll revisit this awesome universe so we can watch  Reggie and Mike battle it out with the Tall Man one more time!

For now, check out this cool fan made poster for PHANTASM V. Cool stuff huh!  Does anyone know who made this?

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  1. Geo says:

    Phantastic poster! In regards to Phantasm V, most people don’t realize that the film was actually already shot prior to Kenny and Co. It was Don’s plan all along to loop the story in such a way that was touched on in Phantasm IV. Phantasm V will actually show an even younger Mike engaged in some early battles with The Tall Man and his deadly minions. It appears that 2012 is the lucky year, as we should see Phantasm V hitting VOD near the holidays. Good news to Scrimm fans, Angus will surprise all with his new Christmas hit, Silver Balls.

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