Arclight Acquires Big Budget VFX Masterpiece ZHONG KUI: SNOW GIRL AND THE DARK CRYSTAL


Straight out of the European Film Market, Arclight Films has acquired the big budget visual effects masterpiece ZHONG KUI: SNOW GIRL AND THE DARK CRYSTAL. The China-Australia co-production directed by Peter Pau and starring Li BingBing and Chen Kun is already set to release in China. Head inside for more!

From the Press Release:

BERLIN (February 5, 2015) – Arclight Films announces the world market debut screening of 3D fantasy action adventure ZHONG KUI: SNOW GIRL AND THE DARK CRYSTAL at EFM in Berlin just days ahead of its massive theatrical release across China. Multiple award-winning Chinese superstars Li Bingbing (TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, RESIDENT EVIL) and Chen Kun (FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE, PAINTED SKIN) take the lead roles in this thrilling big-budget VFX-enhanced voyage through realms of good and evil. The film was co-directed by Academy Award-winner Peter Pau and Zhao Tianyu and produced by celebrated producer Ann An of Desen International Media.

“Ann An is one of the most prolific producers working today in the Chinese film industry, creating high-end commercial blockbusters that appeal to a huge global market,” said Gary Hamilton, Managing Director of Arclight Films. “Working with Ann and her company, Desen International Media, to bring Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal to the world audience is a true honor.”

ZHONG KUI: SNOW GIRL AND THE DARK CRYSTAL is an action-packed adventure for the senses that utilizes the latest in 3D and VFX technology to present a truly engulfing experience. The film is about legendary Chinese anti-hero Zhong Kui (Chen), a young man endowed with mysterious powers. He is forced into battle among the realms of Heaven, Earth and Hell in a dire attempt to save his countrymen and rescue the woman (Li) he loves.

“Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow saw a nine minute reel of Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal, the early and developmental stages and immediately decided to invest,” said An. “Wanda has also joined the team as a partner on financing, distributing and marketing of this Australia-US-China coproduction. Nothing was spared in order to ensure the delivery of the highest quality film possible, comprised of an extremely powerful team both in front of and behind the camera. Together, we have assembled the best of the best from around the world on a film with 1300 special effect shots. We aim to present the finest 3D fantasy experience possible to audiences in China and all around the world.”

In addition to the A-listers in front of the camera, the “SNOW GIRL” filmmakers enlisted the expert training of top Hollywood specialists in order to bring a multi-dimensional realism to the film. A-list stylists hand-crafted sophisticated makeup design, transforming Chen into the Eastern superhero, Zhongkui, an eight-hour process each time. Chen also received intensive martial arts training nearly every day for 2 months.

Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal was filmed on location in China for ¥200,000,000 (roughly $30,000,000 (US).



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One thought on “Arclight Acquires Big Budget VFX Masterpiece ZHONG KUI: SNOW GIRL AND THE DARK CRYSTAL

  1. It is now half way 2015.
    Why is this movie still not available in europe? (more specific Holland)
    It seems a question where absolutely no site talks about.
    I hope anyone has an answer. Thanks in advance.

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