Amazon Deal Of The Day: Order THE WRONG HOUSE For Only $13.49 On DVD

I’ve seen THE WRONG HOUSE several times and I’m a proud owner and recommend it to horror fans everywhere who lvoe the brutal nature of some of these films. Sean French directs this indie cult hit with Stacy Ann Strang, Brendan Potter, Megan Mathieu, Daniel Galloway and Julian Brand starring.


An isolated house in the woods looks like an easy mark to a group of friends camping in the Maine wilderness. The thieves haul away several ounces of marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms in the heist. When the homeowners track them down, the thieves learn too late there are some people you just should not mess with and that they picked The Wrong House. You WILL believe in Karma.

Head over to Amazon or simply click on image below  to order it for only $13.49

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