Alien Bee’s Top 13 Horror Movies Of 2013

Here at the Bee we focus mainly on horror and sci-fi and now that we’re in our final days of 2013 we wanted to share our favorite movies of 2013, beginning with our top 13 horror movies! Keep in mind, even though we watch and get to review lots of movies throughout the year, we haven’t seen everything so feel free to let us know your picks and if you agree or disagree with this list.

13. Cockneys vs Zombies

cockneys vs zombies

There’s so many zombie movies out there but few that successfully humor with the popular genre but COCKNEY VS ZOMBIES is one such title we got this year and it is simply a fun watch. The movie pays homage to movies like Shaun of the Dead and and Zombieland and packs the same kind of humor along with blood thirsty and brain hungry walkers. Besides the humor, there’s some really fun special effects packed in the movie!

12. Cassadaga


CASSADAGA is a really cool supernatural horror movie that has a creepy “Puppet Master” type killer behind the brutal murders. It takes a deaf art student who gets caught up in the middle of all of this to solve these brutal slaughters with the help of an unwelcome ghost she accidentally conjures up. This movie is very well done, it packs a really cool story along with an eerie setting,  it includes a strong cast and has that uncomfortable “Buffalo Bill” vibe going for it.

11. Frankenstein’s Army


I had so much fun with FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY! The movie follows a small group of Russian soldiers who come across this lab in Nazi Germany where these wild and unspeakable experiments are being performed on Nazi soldiers. Straight from the pages of Frankenstein’s journal, all of these experiments are on the darker side of imagination and madness, just to keep Hitler’s failing army fighting. These creatures have all kinds of implants and prosthetics attached to them, from propellers on the torso to limbs replaced with blades and anything you can think of in between. To me this movie looked like a Marilyn Manson music video on steroids!

10. Resolution


RESOLUTION follows a couple of friends to a secluded cabin where one tries to help the other one get off drugs. Things quickly take a turn towards the dark side when they find out that they’re not alone and begin to experience strange events. This is a small character driven and smart indie movie that packs a huge punch and is one that is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t done so already!

9. Nothing Left To Fear


Rock icon Slash enters the horror genre with his first production NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR. The movie follows a family who moves to a new town that has some really dark and evil secrets. Unfortunately the family gets in the middle of this cult-like ritual that unleashes its poison on certain innocent people who get selected for sacrifices. The movie uses CGI for certain “dark and gothic”: scenes but they pay off with the creepy factor and we get one of those unhappy endings that horror fans all love so much. Horror movies need more unhappy endings, don’t you agree? This movie is one of my new guilty pleasures!

8. V/H/S/2


As soon as V/H/S was released we found out that the filmmakers were already working on a followup and sometimes that turns out to be not so good but not in this case! V/H/S/2 succeeds and surpasses the first movie by leaps and bounds. The segments include eerie transplants, aliens, a strange cult, zombies and more with lots of gore, shocking kills and even watching from a dog’s point of view. If you haven’t seen this horror anthology be sure you check it out!

7. The Lords of Salem


Rob Zombie has been hit and miss with his movies and THE LORDS OF SALEM was a return to his original style of movie making full of creepy imagination. Not everybody liked this movie or even got it and I’ll admit that it’s kind of out there but it has ended up being a guilty pleasure of mine that I can’t get enough of. Zombie’s take on witches and the Salem trials is unique and really dark and unsettling at time.

6. Contracted


CONTRACTED is an STD movie 3/4 of the way through with the final 1/4 turning into a zombie movie. This is a take on how the zombie virus could actually get started and is a fantastic movie. We watch this character literally begin to fall apart after a one night stand with a stranger and this leads to a very shocking ending that made this horror fan smile and cringe a few times! Director Eric England did a fantastic job with this movie and is one of the young up and coming directors to keep your eyes on!

5. Mama

mama poster

Thanks to Guillermo del Toro seeing that cool short film of the same name this movie was made and it delivered the creepy and then some!  We watch these two little girls get saved by an overbearing and jealous ghost, ghoul, creepazoid or whatever MAMA is. There’s plenty of frightening scenes in the movie that relies on a heavy amount of CGI but it’s all done pretty well.

4. Evil Dead

evil dead poster

We’re all so burned out with all of these remakes from Hollyweird and when this one was first announced the fans went crazy and not in the good way! Once this EVIL DEAD remake was released everybody pretty much could rest easy because it was a great “lose” remake that didn’t include the humor the original featured but instead took a much darker route and completely succeeded. Fede Alvarez made Sam Raimi and company proud of this gory remake!

3. This is the End


THIS IS THE END is actually a disaster comedy with horror elements and huge special effects thrown in with lots of familiar faces just having a good time making a movie. This movie blew me away and was so much better than I thought it was going to be. Seth Rogen and friends made a fun apocalyptic comedy that will go down as a cult classic that fans will enjoy for years to come! The humor is rude and crude and could possibly offend those poor souls out there who wear their tender little feelings on their shoulders ( in this day and time).

2. Insidious Chapter 2


INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 was a welcomed horror sequel that picked up right where the first one left off and shows us more of this dark world full of horrors that this family has to deal with. James Wan returned to direct this hit horror sequel that frightened audiences everywhere. Here’s hoping we get a long lasting franchise out of Insidious that continues those great scares we all love!

1, The Conjuring


THE CONJURING was easily my favorite horror movie of the year and simply put, I love this movie! The Conjuring fits right in with horror classics like The Exorcist and Amityville Horror and already has a cemented place in horror history as one of the creepiest movies ever made. Once again, fan favorite director James Wan has delivered what horror fans crave for, scares and chills to the extreme! This movie was so good that the studio is already planning a few sequels plus one that focuses entirely on the creepy Annabelle doll.

Honorable mentions include; Rapture-Palooza, You’re Next, Carrie, World War Z, The Purge, Maniac, American Mary, I Spit on Your Grave 2, Aftershock, Evidence, Dead Before Dawn, Hansel and Gretel Get Baked, Bad Milo! and Curse of Chucky. Do feel like any of these should be in the top 13? Please feel free to share your top picks with us!

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