1973 Lost Cinematic Treasure SUNSHINE Makes Home Video Debut From Redwind Productions

Hey film buffs! We have a special announcement to share today from our friends at Redwind Productions who are gearing up to release the 1973 “lost cinematic treasure” SUNSHINE that will be available for the first time ever on any kind of home video format when it debuts on Blu-ray on November 20th. The movie will be the first title to arrive under the Redwind Signature Release and we have the details for you inside.

The restoration of this film and the creation of brand new 4K Masters are being undertaken by Redwind Productions. We believe in these films, and feel strongly that they will resonate with cineastes and film collectors everywhere. The title we have chosen is in many ways a “lost cinematic treasure”. The movie made a profound impact on audiences in its time, but left a trail of frustration over the fact that it hasn’t been made available – in some cases on any Home Entertainment format, anywhere.

Kate’s got everything she wants. Her husband her baby, but just a few months to live. SUNSHINE, a true story, based on the journals of a young wife and mother diagnosed with terminal cancer, was originally a Made-for-Television Docu-Drama and aired on CBS November 9th, 1973. It was the most watched Television Film in history and its emotional impact still resonates to this day. Directed by Joseph Sargent and Produced by George Eckstein it features an iconic soundtrack with words and music by John Denver.

A profoundly sad tear-jerker that lingers forever in my memory. SUNSHINE is a gloriously unforgettable celebration of life“… Jacqueline Taite – Coast Radio – New Zealand

It seems that in the last year of her life she found some happiness in my music. I was most honored to have my songs used in this film“… John Denver

Remarkable. A stunning production – I commend it to you“… Cecil Smith – Los Angeles Times

You will never see another love story like SUNSHINE – its emotional impact will touch you deeply – you will never forget it. Something spiritual resonates from this beautifully crafted motion picture, a compelling true story that speaks so eloquently to the truth of love, loss and life… It is probably the ultimate story of the human condition!

It’s a movie to be discovered for the first time, or to be re-discovered all over again, but above all, truly a movie to be cherished for all time.

Redwind Productions have gone back to the original film negative to create a 4K DPX scan, fully restoring the film to its original aspect ratio for presentation in the stunningly superior Blu-Ray Master format. This is a lost treasure, as movies go, and Redwind Productions are privileged to have the opportunity to bring this poignant, beautiful motion picture to Blu-Ray for the very first time.




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